Yugioh Fakes

            Yugioh Fake Cards: expensive Yugioh cards, like the God Cards, are a target for counterfeiting, because of their value, and desirability. The collector is well advised not to buy any expensive cards, until he is certain they are not fakes. He needs to see high definition scans of the cards and to appreciate that the dealer or the seller over the Internet has stated that they are authenticate. The seller should also be willing to give full 100% guaranteed return of money in case the buyer is not satisfied. 

           Some points to watch for as far as fake Yu-gi-oh god cards are concerned include the following:   The real cards have blank backs that are the same color as the fronts. So, Slifer the Dragon will be red, Obelisk the Tormentor, will be blue, and The Winged Dragon of Ra will be yellow. Quite often, the counterfeit cards will have words or logos on the back. If the word "Konami" appears on various cards, it will oftentimes be misspelled, such as "Konaini". "Kazuki" will also be misspelled. On the upper right front, look for the word "Divine" which indicates a real card, the fake card will have the word, "Gold." And quite often the colors will be "off", but you would need a real card for comparison to see difference. 

            Because of technological advances, Yugioh cards (due to their popularity as collectibles and as dueling game cards) have become a prime target for these mostly Asian Yugioh fake cards. This will not apply to the not-so-valuable and under-rated cards. Asian counterfeiters have also been quite successful in faking silver coins, and many other items that would otherwise have a significant market value. 

             The basic rule of thumb is that you should never buy what looks too good to be true, especially if the seller claims that he is not an expert on the topic. He will say he just inherited what he is selling and is looking for some quick cash, and is willing to take a loss. The smart buyer will never be the one to get stuck with a counterfeit. Don't be too worried about common cards, as they will not likely appear as marketable. But still you have to be cautious. The seller will try to rush you into purchasing. You can always get what you want at any other time from a reputable dealer. You may be tempted when encountering a mint copy of Dark Magician Girl, but there are many out there that are real, so just be patient. 

                Some collectors, who are not into the game itself, will be looking primarily for dragon pictures or other Yugioh pictures no matter what the source is. They may be less cautious than others as it is the dragon pics that are of paramount interest to them. They should be equally cautious and need to spend a little time investigating the subject, as what they purchase and the ultimate collectible value depend on authenticity.







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