Antique Sofas

 As wealth increased, the need for comfortable multiple seating naturally led to the sofa, including the 18th century version of the day bed, known as the chaise lounge. The latter was adopted as a household component that could take the place of virtually everything else, serving as a chair, bench and bed. It was the best place for a delicate lady, with tightly laced undergarments, to swoon due to lack of circulation. It was equally important for the ladies of entertainment to compose suggestive displays when in a semi-formal setting. The opportunities and benefits were infinite. Perhaps the first psychoanalytic sessions took place on a sofa or chaise lounge. The furniture was an opportunity for householders of significant means to demonstrate their wealth. The sofa represented the open arms of a host, welcoming his guest as he shared in his success and abundance. From 1805 to 1810, antique sofas became increasingly luxurious, and even bold in design. The fabric could be colorful and floral, as well as cushioned. (You can sometimes find original material that was saved and made available to collectors as ebay fabric, or through other auction media.) The frame and legs were stylishly decorated. As the decades passed, the upholstery techniques advanced to includes springs and buttons.

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