Salt & Pepper Collectibles

 Salt and pepper shakers are one of the easiest collectibles to find because of the many kinds that were produced. They are personal, reflecting the tastes and styles of the owner. As top-sellers in souvenir shops, they have been around for almost a hundred years, though they were more commonly available for tourists starting in the 1920s. Many were made in Japan and United States, with the vintage miniature salt and pepper sets harder to locate and more costly to acquire. 

There are advertising and theme sets that add to the attractiveness and value as they appeal to collectors who specialize in companies and subjects. These can include subjects such as Lord of the Rings, science fair topics, and even sports themes, such as NFL football. These extra interest items will help to increase the value as specialty collectors are drawn in. Anyone first starting, if their interest extends to investment, should consider reading up on the subject, including the Collector's Encyclopedia of Salt and Pepper Shakers. This will provide a solid grounding into evaluating prices. There are also novelty shakers, premium products, such as fast food sets, and the high-end silverware and glassware salt and pepper shakers. 

Condition plays a factor, despite the treasured sets which came from an estate and may have been cleaned and protected because of their precious metals.  Others may have grown up with the families and been banged about, dropped, or knocked over a few times.  If the salt cellar was bumped off its feet, there had to be some of the precious grains thrown over the shoulder to keep the Devil away, so perhaps the rough and tumble of a family's traditions can add to the value of some sets.





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