Movie Trailers

We lived for the old movie trailers in the days when movies meant big screens, popcorn, and that echoing cave sound, with the cutie a few rows over, some noisy people, those who slept, and a cartoon feature. That was real entertainment, and something to look forward to. Those old movie trailers can still be found on auction houses, among other places and in specialty stores. 


Nobody knows when the first movie trailer was invented, but we know they were in text format. They appeared after the silent movies that held audiences spellbound.  As time went by, movie trailers became the means why which moviegoers were inspired to return to catch the next greatest flick.  We wanted to be excited by the next coming attraction and look forward to an upcoming feature, especially when it involved big name stars.  In the 1940s, trailers were creatively inspired especially when it came to horror features.   Two decades later they were at the forefront of the theatre's marketing campaign.  Movie reviews were important, but they were subject to contamination, as selective editing of reviews would lead to overrating.  With the live action of a trailer, we could tell  whether a movie was worth our attention.  Trailers themselves have their own big event, known as the Golden Trailer Awards that are handed out to the best of the best annually. 




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