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Nascar Collectibles

 The adult version of a child dreaming to be a superhero is not impossible to fulfill when it comes to championship racing.  More than one celebrity, like Paul Newman, had found the need to participate.  Even without celebrity involvement, NASCAR racing took off like a rocket, resulting in an exploding interest in racing collectibles. Model kits and posters may be the most popular, but the item list is ever growing, including magazines, clothing, especially jackets, hats and T-shirts, as well as miniatures of favorite drivers

Like golf, the ever changing landscape sends current collectibles into the vintage category with each passing decade.  The winners and heroes of preceding years are never forgotten.. 

Additional items lately added include clothing worn by drivers and parts of racing cars, much like other sports markets which capitalize on the castoffs of heroes as patches cut from game jerseys. This is nothing new for the adoring fans. The market for Nascar collectibles is ever broadening, but the trick for a novice collector is to study Racing Collectibles before jumping in to distinguish the long term investments from the commercialized and overpriced junk.





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