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The love affair with the motorcycle by men and women, whether it is brief or lifelong is accompanied by collecting fever. It is not just the models, some of them going back to the 1920s, but the patches, insignia, and company souvenirs. With motorcycles, the collector usually has his favorite make, to which he remains fiercely loyal. Whether you are a Harley-Davidson fan or an Indian "motocycle" aficionado, everyone has a machine that best suits his temperament and lifestyle. Additional collectibles include company advertising, such as movie posters, allowing for a crossover in collecting that can contribute to driving up the prices of the more attractive items. 

 As well as books, posters and banners, there is a broad market for motorcycle jewelery, clothing, and pins, as well as the customary souvenir shop items such as cigarette lighters and salt and pepper shakers. Even the newest kid on the block, the mini-chopper, becomes a collectible candidate. Where most of the true bikers might not collect anything more difficult to transport than a tattoo, weekend bikers will often augment their recreation with collectibles that display the insignia or name of their favorite machine.




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