Volume 1 Number 7     Volume 1 Number 7

Skull Manor - J. Allen Dunn

At the old Cypress Manor, the self-assured criminal investigator ignored the prospect of spirits and shadows that flew through the night, for his only interest was to solve the murder for his client.

Get That King! - Major Q.F.X.

A brief account of an unclear and unconfirmed activity of political intrigue that linked Col. T.E. Lawrence, in undercover guise, and an Afghan King, all orchestrated by the office of the English Prime Minister.

Out of the Mists of Time - William Benton Frazier

The mutual hatred between two students eventually lead to an unexpected murder of one by the other, which may have originated ages ago in another time and another place caused by a long forgotten dispute.

Grainman - Kimball Herrick

It looked like a run of bad luck for the Great Lakes grainmen, but luck was going to be needed or there would be another death that night.

The Last Mile - Seth Bailey

There were bullets to dodge from a dogfight overhead, and more bullets through the windshield as they approached German lines, and with a truckload of dynamite, the perils were clear; only a quick decision could allow one man to escape, and be forever indebted to his companion.

"Look Behind You!" - Albert Payson Terhune

The strange dog collar was soon opened to reveal its secret that would ultimately lead to a new partnership.

Timor, Lads! - William Bligh

Captain Bligh's ongoing saga, continuing after being set adrift by mutineers. Through perseverance and determination, the doomed sailors inched their way through hostile territories, to arrive at a harbor that would give them safety and comfort.


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