Volume 1 Number 6     Volume 1 Number 6

The Rebels Are Coming! - Richard Sale

The sleepy little town was about to be invaded by an army of rebels en route to war, but a crafty doctor convinced them otherwise with the help of warning signs, the birth of twins, and borrowed corpses.

Fighting Initiative - Wendell Starrett

The sound of heavy guns, orders from the commanders, and the ground was torn to pieces, but the soldiers battled on relentlessly, in the war to end all wars.

The Sire de Maletroit's Door - Robert Louis Stevenson

The door was inviting and offered a route to sanctuary, yet beyond sat the host, a determined and wealthy man who awaited his fugitive guest. It was a trap, bound toward the fate of matrimony, an ultimate scheme that lay in wait before an unwilling nephew-to-be.

The Unfriendly Islands - William Bligh

Continuing the saga of William Bligh, after his ship was taken my mutineers, as he sought to conquer the South Seas, beset by hostile Indians and the need to overcome all odds.

When Buckaroos Strike - Howard R. Marsh

Even hard-living cowboys require a union of compatriots, but none of it will ever be straight-forward or lasting in this tongue-in-cheek tale.

Secrecy - Sinclair Gluck

The emerald necklace was given in trust and in secret, but the receiver died prematurely, task incomplete, with only his daughter still able to search for the truth and uncover the mystery.


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