Volume 1 Number 5     Volume 1 Number 5

The Axe Bites Deep - Philip Ketchum

The great axe was forged freshly, emerging from the fire with a name inscribed, but the question was, for whom was it intended who could wield such a mighty weapon.

The War Dog - Redfield Ingalls

There were not only men on the front during the Great War, but noble beasts and in particular one Great Dane, loyal to his master, but dutiful to his responsibilities, ready to pull heavy loads and to dodge bullets.

Through A Window - H. G. Wells

It was supposed to be a rest and recovering, but the window looked out upon intrigue that evolved into a manhunt, and a danger and excitement that came ever and ever closer.

Two Grand - Binty Beynon

People will believe what they read and especially what is printed, and should the story remove all options, then there is nothing to be done but depart elsewhere removing one's quiver of pointless schemes.

A Mutiny Aboard the Ship - William Bligh

Captain William Bligh's account of the infamous mutiny on his ship the Bounty while on the mission of collecting the prodigious breadfruit.

Staley Fleming's Hallucination - Ambrose Bierce

The impact of a hallucination that incorporates a dead man's dog. It will not be quelled and the vision will not remain at rest.

Riddle of the Deadly Deuces - W. C. Tuttle

Of the two thieves whose fortune-telling habits led them to their calling cards, the pair of deuces.


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