Volume 1 Number 4     Volume 1 Number 4

The Black Ace - George Bruce

Between the Great War and the Second World campaign, all the skilled fliers had to show to prove their aerial talents was a circus of thrills, but for one skilled Ace, nothing could hold him in check, not even his audience's underestimations of his origins, which ultimately transported him to conquests in other continents.

Of Moonsickness - F.R. Buckley

On a bed of pain, the loyal Luigi defended his master, the noble Duke, on all accounts including the accusation of lunacy.

An Occurrence at Owl Creek - Ambrose Bierce

When one is destined to a predictable fate, imagination can be a cruel savior, presenting a dubious avenue of escape.

Torpedo! - John Webb

Only the wizened gunner's mate had the sense and stamina to predict the coming explosion and destiny of all, unless he had the opportunity to counteract fate and achieve survival from sure doom -- but at one expense, his own.

Red Jorg's Last Stand - Douglas Mussinon

On the trail of pursuit, the pair of Northwest Mounted Police fell prisoner to the bandits, forced only by their wits and tenacity to turn the tables against insurmountable opposition.

Fuzzy-Wuzzy (poem) - Rudyard Kipling

An ode to an honorable heathen enemy by a member of the British infantry.

The Gratitude of Coolie Sam - Herb Lewis

When a first class passenger intercedes between workmen, he achieves the gratitude of an ordinary but cool-headed man, and we learn the value of such behaviour by the tale of another who showed equal gratitude and beyond, all the way to his immortal soul.


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