Volume 1 Number 2     Volume 1 Number 2

The Red Scorpion - Anthony M. Rud

The amazing convict, in the early days of the Australian penal colony, escapes his captors and excels as a self-proclaimed bushranger, only to return to base, to find both pardons and a surprise visitor.

A Nickel's Worth of Life - James H. S. Moynahan

Bad bus repairs, dead children, and the heartless villain who thinks he has covered all the angles, competes with a simple druggist who controls the evidence that can lead to a conviction.

The Treasure in the Forest - H. G. Wells

When a decomposing corpses can still demonstrate the power to guard its treasure, it is time to sit up, take notice, and observe every element of one's surroundings.

The Star That Stuck - Ralph L. Cunningham

Don't underestimate an old cowhand simply because he is venerable. There's wisdom in men who may seem to be otherwise over-the-hill. That, after all, is the definition of wisdom, a result of experience that can only come with the mileage of years.

On the Wall - Rudyard Kipling

The meeting of the lady who was married to a jujube tree, whose lover was the uncharacteristic student of knowledge of everything, including the reading of books that are of no use to anybody.

Graveyard Limited - Theodore Roscoe

In the sweltering Honduran coastland, the train engineer expired his last, but his wife refused demands by the military to have his contagious remains cremated. Up and running, they took the portly gentleman to his very workplace and drove the train on a wild and reckless escape, pursued hotly by the indignant soldiers, until a very strange occurence left them all perplexed.


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