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Monsieur Murder - Theodore Roscoe

In 1918, near the end of the Great War, a French Foreign Legion detachment is reassigned to the Swiss Alps where a surprise Austrian sharpshooter becomes the target of a Yankee marksman. Their battle climaxes on the Day of Armistice and beyond to a dramatic return engagement long after the War. Excellent drama and suspense.

Thunder Deck - R.V. Gery

When mutiny is afoot, and a young green mate will have none of it, but is faced by having his throat cut for his loyalty, it helps to have a glimmer and shadow on the side of what is right.

Bayou Trap - Hapsburg Liebe

A perfect ambush can be too perfect, and if the timing has fluctuated, leaving an opening for an unexpected curious visitor, all bets are off.

The Black Pearl - Paul Annixter

The young elephant suffers at the hands of the two-legged monsters, but learns to love one who can understand his needs and senses.

Spurs in the Dust - George Rosenberg

When Jimmy the meek, a David in disguise, is herded about by a rip-snorting Goliath, the crafty little wimp uses guile and patience to cast the fatal stone.

Fighter's Socks - Walter Hopper Martin

Many actions are derived from illusions, causing success or failure that we never thought was possible. The fighter who has lost it all, regains a sense of hope derived from his own innate toughness and skills.

The Loose-Lead Dog - Philip Cole

The dirty tricks and cruelty of a cheater can often be overcome by wisdom and determination.

The Atoll of Flaming Men - Ralph R. Perry

Pearl hunting can be a dangerous pursuit, especially when green-slimed savages and murdered corpses are about.


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