Volume 1 Number 3     Volume 1 Number 3

Stragella - Hugh B. Cave

Two dory survivors encounter a phantom ship, its cargo of jungle animals all dead, turned into macabre skeletons. They explore the ship, all the while with the feeling of being watched, and soon after discover the barefooted girl.

The Girdle - Joseph McCord

Don't wear strange belts, for if they are made of unholy material, their effect can be immediate and decisive, leaving you with an unnatural hunger.

The Trap - Henry S. Whitehead

The malign abnormal sucking effect of old mirrors can result in a gathering of captives from a variety of ages. Escape is possible, but when you exit, you may not be the same as when you went in.

The Church Stove at Raebrudafisk - G. Appleby Terrill

The fate of a villain who murders an innocent can be long and terrible if the avenger is so inclined.

The Cellar Room - Steffan B. Aletti

The Spiritualist Society of the late 19th century met in the cellar to exam a malignancy, a dark angry thing residing therein, leading to gelatinous hoverings and unexpected deaths.

The Wheel - H. Warner Munn

The tunnels of the Inquisition are not be be casually toured by the curious, lest the host has other plans for demonstrating the archaic instruments and features within.


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