Volume 1 Number 2     Volume 1 Number 2

The Dead Walk Softly - Sewell Peaselee Wright

You know you're in trouble when naked men, clear as jelly, begin sneaking around at night lifting billfolds and stealing thousands of dollars worth of jewelry, without the slightest sound, but just a touch of odor.

The Shadow on the Sky - August Derleth

If you have discovered a specific shadow of a specific evil that reflects onto the sky and few others have seen, it is advisable to stay away, or it may portend your own destiny.

The Laundromat - Dick Donley

An updated Hansel and Gretel whose gloomy strangers convert to inviting friends sending you to restaurants where the food is too delicious and varied, and you eat so much, it all turns out to be a means to an end.

The Man Who Never Came Back - Pearl Norton Swet

A missing man, leopard spoor all around, and what else can one consider, but lycanthropy? On the trail of their little London clerk, they enter the jungle, but run into the leaping leopard men, and the leader is shot, and in the end, our little clerk gets back to London inside a small urn.

The Web of Living Death - Seabury Quinn

When Merril and his hitchhiker pass though a mysterious doorway to another dimension, they are kidnapped in an exotic land, soon to discover others like themselves, especially the obedient slave women. Their hunchbacked host appears and before long they encounter their brutish host. Absolute obedience is demanded, and they are hard-pressed to escape with their lives.


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