Volume 1 Number 1     Volume 1 Number 1

Dead Legs - Edmond Hamilton

He thought it was just a simple question of an operation that would give him new height, but the accursed limbs had a mind of their own, and were constantly sabotaging his movements.

The House and the Brain - Edward Bulwer-Lytton

The investigator rents a house with a reputation, its residents either dying there or unable to spend more than a few nights. Objects move, visitors are struck, and all who pass within are subject to a feeling of terror, originating from a secret chamber.

Ms. Found in a Bottle - Edgar Allan Poe

He walks the deck of this terrible and mysterious vessel, and the rays of his destiny are gathering to a focus, his only method of warning the outside world, to enclose his journal in a bottle and cast it a adrift before the great ship has plunged to its final resting place.

He - H.P. Lovecraft

Seeing the truth, the secret of secrets, that old New York was a dead city, he encounters the stranger during a sleepless nighttime walk. This cadaverous man, in a wide-brimmed hat, becomes his host, his guide, all too willing to show him visions from the past and future, all of a horrifying nature.

The Beast of Averoigne - Clark Ashton Smith

Of the slaying of the beast that arrived with the red comet in the year 1369. Erect, man-sized, it swayed like a serpent, and its members undulated like heated wax, as it presented itself to the world, a vile and murderous demon.

The Whispering Thing - Eddy C. Bertin

The boyhood friends explored the old house, fearful of something they could feel, until they heard the panting sound. They found it in the cellar, much like a sick old dog, the braver one staying to care for it. Before long he declined, and weeks went by before he sickened and died. The whispers continued thereafter.

The Dead-Alive - Nat Schachner & Arthur Zagat

It started with the theft of his father's corpse from the very grave itself. But this was no ordinary body-snatching for the evidence showed no shovel marks, instead the marks of fingers. Of the creature there was no sign. Before all will end, there could well be the need for silver bullets.


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