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Drome of the Living Dead - John Scott Douglas

It was the First World War, the aerial battle was in full throttle, but everything was going wrong. Men and flying machines were disappearing for no reason. The base landing lights had failed, preventing returning pilots from finding their way home, and the enemy's attackers, its Whirlwind Flight, came from nowhere to destroy Allied machines. When the last fighter plane was descending toward a safe landing at home base, the pilot was certain he had sighted many of his friends, but something was wrong. They behaved like zombies, victims of a German plot, created by a scheme borrowed from Haitian voodoo.

Conjured - Larry Eugene Meredith

Being an active and zealous president of the neighborhood Betterment Committee is hazardous when deciding who is and isn't bona fide.

The Golden Patio - Aubrey Feist

Inspired by his grandparents' painting of a crumbling archway and great closed gates, the storyteller roamed through Spain till he found the gates of the Golden Patio, beyond which was a woman and a mystery. Once, long ago, there had been a murder, and now he knew who was responsible.

The Cleaning Machine - F. Paul Wilson

She hated everyone because they gave her such trouble, but it was all resolved when she discovered a strange invention and decided to make all of her antagonists disappear, including the children. Of course, her story made no sense, the police did not believe a word she said, and the doctors all thought she was just a crazy old woman.

The Storm That Had to be Stopped - Murray Leinster

The sun had taken on a faint bluish tint when the temperature changed, as if no more heat came from the sun. Then the wind picked up, carrying whole trees in a monstrous turmoil. This was not a meteorological phenomenon, but a result of an evil man's invention.


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