Volume 1 Number 1     Volume 1 Number 1

The Infernal Shadow - Hugh B. Cave

The huge hairy hands manifested from nowhere, crushing the life out of the girl. Now her father and husband sought the phantom murderer. It was to be the first attack that night, but not the last.

The Vaults of Yoh-Vombis - Clark Ashton Smith

They must trek to the ancient ruins on the planet Mars, first plodding across the flat, treeless, orange-yellow desolation, to beyond the domeless, three-angled towers and broken-down monoliths where loathsome horrors fed.

Laura - Joseph H. Bloom

When a strange older woman sends you a mysterious note, it is not always wise to acknowledge her request for an interview. Some women do not like the race of men and may hold them accountable for past injustices, upon threat of extinguishing them, despite being extinguished herself.

The Vicar of Hell - Edward D. Hoch

Simon Ark, investigator, is hired to accompany the girl, Rain, a crack shot, to view a centuries old book, The Worship of Satan, which is alleged to be able to solve mysterious murders that occurred four hundred years before. But the contact is found dead, pinned to the wall, arms spread in a cross, crucified by long arrows through palms and chest.

Bride of Dewer - Seabury Quinn

The wedding was done, and the bride freshly wed, with Doctors de Grandin and Trowbridge in attendance, when the esteemed gentlemen were called to the bedside of that same bride. She had witnessed a bandy-legged little man, with thorny toadskin hide and dreadful shining eyes. The little horror had kissed her on the mouth, after which she had fainted. It was up to the investigative talents of her friends, the Doctors, to solve this mystery.


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