Volume 1 Number 1     Volume 1 Number 1

The Smell - Francis Flagg

It started as a vile smell in the room with a reputation which allowed him to rent it inexpensively. The smell developed a feel, long and sinuous, cold and clammy, like the body of a serpent, and yet not unlike a woman. It seemed the room was haunted, ultimately proving that you only get what you pay for.

The Temple of Death - David H. Keller, M.D.

The collector of rare jewelry had left his home with more than a million dollars worth of diamonds, promising to return in six months, which he never did. He left behind a single sheet of old manuscript. Now his brother searched for the distinguished detective, Taine of San Francisco, in the hope of solving the disappearance.

The Silver Bullet - Phyllis A. Whitney

They took a room for the night, the man and his wife, arrangements made with a mystery woman who let them in. But the old caretaker sad there was no woman who attends the palace. They saw the woman one more time, at the bottom of a pit, her neck broken. It was almost as if everyone who dwelled in Loon Mountain was in league against them.

The Man Who Collected Eyes - Eddy C. Bertin

It started as a child with an image of an eye in a triangle, supposedly of God watching everything you do. This would normally disturb any other child, but for this young man, it was a fascination that developed into an inspiration, and ultimately lead to the obsession of collecting eyes which had been extracted from living creatures of all kinds, a hobby which made his friends uneasy.

The Devil's Rosary - Seabury Quinn

Her nearest relatives had all mysteriously died, after which, found in their possessions, was a small blood-red bead, as if the talismans were somehow responsible. Now, she had received a similar trinket, upon which she had fainted. Fortunately the esteemed Doctors de Grandin and Trowbridge witnessed her difficulty and were able to assist. They reassured her that they would study the matter to find out what lay beneath this mystery.


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