Volume 1 Number 1     Volume 1 Number 1

Horror Insured - Paul Ernst

When an elevator passenger burns up during the ride, he literally melts, leaving nothing but his fedora. It is therefore only natural to discover that Doctor Satan is behind it, and the call goes out for Ascott Keane to investigate.

By Hands of the Dead - Francis Flagg

They were experts and aficionados of mediumship, so after they read of a new creation by a Tucson inventor making a machine to raise the spirits, they just had to visit the local scholar and research worker. When a demonstration was arranged, what came through was a human shape, menacing and deadly, with murderous results.

The Monkey's Paw - W.W. Jacobs

This classic, well-crafted horror tale was first published in Harper's Magazine in 1902. It tells the tale of a curious Indian talisman which can grant the user three wishes, but the opportunities might as well be engineered in the pits of Hell.

Cry, Baby, Cry - Henry Slesar

The new apartment was more than run down, it was a wrecker's delight, but it was all the young couple could afford, especially now with the baby coming. What kept them on edge, however, was the crying of another infant, despite the fact that everyone assured them no babies lived in the building any more. Of course, they simply had to investigate and begin tearing open mysterious enclosures.

The Man Who Cast No Shadow - Seabury Quinn

It was an irritating tea party that Jules de Grandin and Doctor Trowbridge were invited to, but it was where they first me a peculiar man, a foreigner, slender and sleight, and with a weak handshake. It was much later that everyone was startled to discover, the curious foreigner had no shadow, and was equally not the man he appeared to be.

The Cases of Jules de Grandin - (Chronological List, concluded)

[The continuation of the 1933-1951 de Grandin stories, plus four 'Weird Tales' black and white covers.]


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