Volume 1 Number 1     Volume 1 Number 1

The Dogs of Doctor Dwann - Edmond Hamilton

Late at night, the barking came louder and louder and when it reached his house, he saw the heads of two dogs staring at him through the glass, but when they had gone, the tracks in the soft earth beneath his window showed only the bare prints of men.

The Parasite - Dorothy Norman Cooke

It was a mystery plane, with a body aboard, that had been parked in the desert about a week, and the Lieutenant needed to know if there were any strangers in town who might be responsible.

The Outsider - H.P. Lovecraft

The orphan in the castle crawls and climbs his way up, exploring the heights of his underground and lonely world to emerge into a moonlit beyond.

The Crawler (verse) - Robert W. Lowndes

Sounds of a crawling thing are heard the night they found the four dead men.

The White Domino - Urann Thayer

The visitor to the Parisian morgue was startled to encounter one of the guests, a beautiful girl, was not quite dead. This lead to questions, delays, and a new interpretation, all derived from a dance at the carnival and a yearning kiss.

The Case of the Doctor Who Had No Business - Richard A. Lupoff

(An imaginary meeting between Dr. Watson and Edgar Rice Burroughs, as a non-fact article.)

The Feline Phantom - Gilbert Draper

Be careful when purchasing a used cat, lest it contain the transmigrated soul of an Indian fakir, bent on getting even with anyone handy.

The Consuming Flame - Paul Ernst

When a chauffeur-driven limousine is in the habit of vanishing completely, not in a puff of smoke, but in a violet flame, and aboard is the son of a wealthy man, you know there is someone responsible. Once again, Doctor Satan is up to his schemes and it will take the talents of Ascott Keane, criminologist, to resolve the mystery.


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