Volume 1 Number 1     Volume 1 Number 1

The Gray Killer - Everil Worrell

The female patient kept a diary of her tortured days and nights in the hospital about her suspicions of an unpleasant, almost ghoulish gray doctor who caused havoc during the night which none else witnessed.

The Scar - J. Ramsey Campbell

It didn't appear that his time had run out for the doppelganger that had been sighted on the bus that morning was not an exact duplicate, for the stranger had a scar from temple to jaw.

Where There's Smoke - Donna Gould Welk

First she wanted to get rid of her cheating husband's new girl, then when the deal was delayed she added her husband to the contract. At least it would all cost the same, if only she could contact the phantom hitman more easily.

Ancient Fires - Seabury Quinn

The indomitable doctor de Grandin and his associate Doctor Trowbridge were hired to help sell an estate in the mountains, their special talents required, for the house was reputed to be haunted. Upon early investigating, they confronted an odd creature, able to crawl up an outside wall to enter by a window.

The Cases of Jules de Grandin - (A Chronological Listing)

[The list of de Grandin stories from 1925 - 1932, plus four Weird Tales front covers in black and white].

The Hansom Cab - Ken Porter

The businessman and his out-of-town buyer take a joyous ride in a horse-drawn carriage, just as a lark, but it soon turns out to be a trip out of time.

The Veil of Tanit - Eugene de Rezske

That a mousy man of no significance should acquire an ancient box and solve its puzzle, open it up, and don its contents -- this was nothing less than sacrilege and doomed him to a certain death.


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