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The Woman With the Velvet Collar - Gaston Leroux

Her reputation proceeded her, that once upon a time a joke turned sour had caused her to be guillotined for the most part (the machine had been defective, so it hadn't been a proper job), and that was why she always wore a velvet band to hide the scar, and everyone knew that if she removed it, her head would fall off, at least that's what they believed.

The Reaper's Image - Stephen King

The mirror was ancient, stored away with all the other antiques and even the owner did not wish to look into it, despite its value, as a result of which it was heavily insured. In the upper left-hand corner something was apt to appear, much like friction tape, a minor repair to the glass, perhaps, though others had their own opinion as to the true origin of the image.

Sirrush (verse) - L. Sprague de Camp

"These genial monsters with their painted frowns in panic hurled
Away all evil men and spirits ..."

Sword For a Sinner - Edward D. Hoch

Simon Ark, former priest, had come west with his publisher assistant to aid a true priest, embroiled in a land of self-flagellating Brotherhood of Penitents, and now murder. The dead man was the owner and manager of a club, dedicated to drink, sex, sin, and gambling.

Tiger - Bassett Morgan

The Sumatran natives were a superstition lot, attracted to strange fears and charms, but it was a dangerous land, and now that the white plantation owner's field workers were deserting, it was time for him to pay attention to all the forces that roamed his world, and to partake in a tiger hunt.

The City of the Blind - Murray Leinster

In this first sequel to "The Darkness on Fifth Avenue," a small section of New York is once again hit by a deep and ominous blackout, an attempt by an evil genius to seek vengeance against the police lieutenant and German doctor who had foiled his plans the first time. His terms -- assassinate Lt. Hines and Dr. Schaaf with poison, bombs, or whatever it takes to get the job done.


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