Volume 1 Number 1     Volume 1 Number 1

Wolf Hollow Bubbles - David H. Keller, M.D.

Probably the richest man in the country, a doctor, was disrupting the summer mountain tourist resort and alarming the neighbors. He bought up all the land, set up No Trespassing signs, then built the cages and brought in many kinds of animals. It was some kind of laboratory. Now there were strange looking toadstool things about. The local politician hired a detective to investigate before it all went any further.

Mrs. Kaye - Beverly Haaf

She made others feel they were living a nightmare, but then she claimed she was a werewolf, afflicted with the malady since childhood, and bore a mark to prove it.

The Haunter of the Ring - Robert E. Howard

He startled his friend when he drew out the jewel-hilted Afghan dagger, not so much as an immediate threat, but for a deeper and more ancient and forgotten fear, something from a past existence. His friend also feared his wife, thinking she had tried to kill him three times that past week, a result of a curse. She herself wore a strange and ancient ring and spoke of dreams of an evil force that appeared each night to paw over her with apish hands.

The Vengeance of India - Seabury Quinn

The seemingly healthy patient had died quietly in her sleep, a natural sleep, and now it was up to the Doctors de Grandin and Trowbridge to investigate the mystery. What was worse, later on, they discovered that the grave of the beautiful girl had been breached and her corpse taken.

After Sunset - Philip Hazleton

The joyous wedding had been invaded by an ancient and evil force which took down the bride, drew blood from her neck, and then successfully escaped to the safety of a coffin abode. In its thirst for blood it awoke and went out again, but this time there were men of wisdom and courage who threatened the unnatural predator's existence.

The Ship of Silent Men - Philip M. Fisher

The voyage had been struck by a cold and eerie atmosphere that the seamen had endured for days, during which they had received an SOS. When finally they received the longitude and latitude, they had responded only to encounter an eerie sight. They reached the pleading vessel to find a crew of seamen cold and yellowish, and each oblivious to their presence, continuing to follow their assigned duties, unaware that help had arrived.

The Whisperer (verse) - Robert A. W. Lowndes

"Of certain shadows and the elder folk,
and things undreamed by sane and sober men."


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