Volume 1 Number 1     Volume 1 Number 1

The House of the Living Dead - Harold Ward

The mysterious manuscript suggested that the missing man was still alive, held prisoner by a maniacal doctor inside a sanitarium where animated corpses thrived.

The Indoor Safari - Max Nugor

He had agreed to enter the den of his adversary to move the legalities forward, but now he realized his host was insane and was threatening to kill him. Still, the stout maniac, who hated him deeply, was a sportsman, however vengeful, and promised to give him a fair chance, outlining precisely how it would happen, but exactly where, he did not make clear.

The House Party at Smoky Island - L. M. Montgomery

[Note: the author is Lucy Maud Montgomery, famous for her children's tales, most notably Anne of Green Gables, though this is not stated in the magazine]. When the house party at a Muskoka retreat, known as the Wigwam, turns to to everyone being requested to tell their favorite ghost story, it is generally assumed that this means that people will tell stories about ghosts, and not anything otherwise. What is revealed and how it comes out, leaves the audience chilled.

Settler's Wall - Robert A. W. Lowndes

It was a leisurely trip in the vintage 1927 Ford, when the two travelers noticed that to one side of the road there was a long wall which extended out of sight in both directions. Walking along the wall in opposite directions brought each back to his starting position; throwing a ball over the wall caused the object to reappear on the same side that it was thrown. A local informed them that trying to dig under it was not wise, as that's what drove one man crazy. Later attempts to dynamite their way through and to photograph it from the air proved equally futile.

The Isle of Missing Ships - Seabury Quinn

The adventures of the good doctors de Grandin and Trowbridge resume as they take to the high seas to help an English insurance company discover why so many ships have gone missing, just as if they had vanished from the face of the earth.


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