Volume 1 Number 1     Volume 1 Number 1

The Black Mass - Col. S. P. Meek

A late night scream in the monastery awoke the abbot and his monks. Upon investigation, they found the lifeless body of one ordered to do penance alone that night. On the chest of the victim there had appeared the mark of a cult of demon worshipers. Now the hunt was on for those who had attended the Black Mass.

The Last Archer - Earl Peirce (sic), Jr.

It was a lonely island with a pair of castles. The man had been hired to install a generator by a most generous employer. Later that first night he had witnessed the strange contest when arrows of death flew out of the darkness from castle to castle. The ritual battle proceeded night after night, after which, during the day, his employer, the archer, retired to sleep in a long black coffin.

The Sight of Roses - Jay Tyler

The motivated man had employed a pentacle, hoping to contact a demon. He did indeed make contact with an agreeable new partner who promised to assist him to reach his goals, even to commit murder. The key was to avoid exposing his sensitivity to roses.

Acrophobia - L. Sprague de Camp

The demon of acrophobia, like a seductive siren, invited the fearful man to seek the edge of the tall building and then release himself into the air.

Webbed Hands - Ferdinand Berthoud

When the woman's body was found, the doctor inspected her, and immediately concluded that some dangerous beast from a zoo must have escaped, for the hands which had made the gripping bruises were webbed. It was to be the first of seven deaths over the weeks in Cape Town, South Africa, all women.

Hollywood Horror - Paul Ernst

It was during the filming of the starlet's next movie that something changed, something impossible occurred to cause her face to gradually disappear leaving nothing but a glaring and hollow-eyed skull. She continued to walk and talk, unaware of the cause of horror in faces of the workers on the movie set, until at last she opened the lid of a mirror. The same terror then spread to others on the set. It was the doctor who had discovered and reassured them that the flesh was still present; it had just become invisible. Another mystery for Ascott Keane to solve, with blame ultimately pointing in the direction of the notorious Doctor Satan.


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