Volume 1 Number 1     Volume 1 Number 1

The White Lady of the Orphanage - Seabury Quinn

Too many children have begun to disappear from the orphanage, and there is no apparent reason or motive, only the witnessing of a strange lady in white. It is up to the doctors to investigate thoroughly, question the children, and solve the mystery.

The Gray People - John Campbell Haywood

Playing golf in the looming fog on links that border a graveyard was destined to result in anomalous events. Often seen were a man and woman, all in gray, accompanied by lights of varying hues like will-o-the-wisps.

And Then No More ... - Jay Tyler

Where numerology and curses are concerned, avoiding the dangerous twenty-four is not necessarily a question of age or date, but anything that can add up to the perilous number. Curses being what they are, imagination plays a great part in the effectiveness of the results.

The Endocrine Monster - R. Anthony

It was a powerful creature, this demon thing, able to crush a man's ribs and break his back, so of course the adventurers had to go off into the South American jungle to look for it. Find it they did, but it was not what they had expected.

The Return of the Sorceror - Clark Ashton Smith

After hiring on as a secretary to the recluse, aided in part by his mastery of Arabic, he quit his rental to move in with his new employer, a man who admitted to having made a life study of demonism and sorcery. The slithering, rustling noises in the halls, which the old man had attributed to rats, turned out to be somewhat more sinister when discovered underfoot.

The Three From the Tomb - Edmond Hamilton

Howard Clay appeared to have come back from the dead, six months after his funeral, his body rebuilt and his cells revivified by Dr. Curtlin's new procedure. But now the Doctor was subject to a charge of grave robbing, for other bodies also were missing, bodies of very wealthy men. Subsequent investigations eventually uncovered the truth.


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