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The Bride of the Peacock - E. Hoffmann Price

She always dreamed of kneeling before a grave, attempting to open it, and upon waking, her nails were ragged and broken, her gown torn and soiled with green mold. Upon being hypnotized, she spoke in Persian, but awoke confused, in need of someone to solve the mystery.

Nice Old House - Dona Tolson

If you think it's wrong, it is; if you think it's hungry, pay attention. They do appreciate some of us, but are not to everyone's taste, just like cuddly pets.

Those Who Seek - August Derleth

The abbey had an ancient and sinister history, later being inhabited by long-dead monks, so when the artist decided to sketch it, he felt someone guiding the charcoal.

John Bartine's Watch - Ambrose Bierce

The great-grandson's obsession with the watch that he had inherited from his great-grandfather was likely due to his ancestor's ultimate fate, and may have been responsible for a trick turned to tragedy.

The Pet of Mrs. Lilith - Robert Barbour Johnson

She was eccentric, but not unpleasant, either in character or appearance. She rented an entire floor in the lodge, maintaining it immaculately despite having no servants. The only other feature of her life was her pet, a trouble-free something-or-other which none had seen up close. It was only after the accident in the canoe, after the well-respected eccentric drowned, that unresolved questions about her pet manifested, after which it became considerably troublesome.

The Man Who Chained the Lightning - Paul Ernst

When Doctor Satan is about, men will die suddenly and most unnaturally. Only Ascott Keane, despite his playboy image, was up to opposing the innately evil scientist. But when Keane was captured, it seemed inevitable that the evil doctor would cook his goose with a lightning bolt.


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