Volume 1 Number 1     Volume 1 Number 1

My Lady of the Tunnel - Arthur J. Burks

He grew up fearing yet loving the mad woman with the dagger, a fictional character in a newspaper serial, but throughout his life she penetrated his dreams, and for the rest of his life he feared the dark.

The Glass Floor - Stephen King

He visited the house where his sister had lived and died, but there were questions about her death in the strange room with the mirrored floor.

Death From Within - Sterling S. Cramer

It was a Voodoo land, the stranger had died, and they must investigate. On the journey there, the drums were incessant, and when they arrived the doctor feared contagion. When a drummer stood up and screamed and died, the natives ran away. One by one, men died painfully around them, and they could only determine that the attacks had come from an impossible source.

A Vision (verse) - Robert E. Howard

Darkness and shapes inhabit a silent town.

Aim For Perfection - Beverly Haaf

When there are monsters about, sometimes it's hard to identify from which direction they are going to arrive.

The Dark Castle - Marion Brandon

It's dark and late and they're on a mountain road, out of gas, when the dog howls, so now ahead a small ruined castle in Central Europe seems a logical course of action to achieve a good night's sleep.

Dona Diabla - Anna Hunger

In the house on the cliff by the sea, a year after a gunshot had taken him away, she awaited for another, just another; there is always another.

The Druid's Shadow - Seabury Quinn

Once again de Grandin and his colleague Doctor Trowbridge walk in the footsteps of Holmes and Watson, only to find horror and mystery in a mansion where a maiden, vowed to chastity, is revealed to be a priestess of Druids.


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