Volume 1 Number 1     Volume 1 Number 1

The Gods of East and West - Seabury Quinn

Another Jules de Grandin story, in which the female patient has a troubling illness which has defied diagnosis. Suspicions lay upon a black statuette of a female figure, gnarled and knotted, which had been sent from India and linked to ancient Gods. To assist, there arrives a Western Indian; he is both a doctor and a medicine man.

The Council (verse) - Robert W. Lowndes

The fill-in superintendent gets a call from the unrented 19th floor.

The House (verse) - Robert W. Lowndes

From the old house some have vanished, leaving remnants in a hidden closet space.

Behind the Curtain - Leslie Jones

It was girls his brother had most mistreated, and so despite enemies among the plantation owners, laborers and tourists, it was the girls who had most often sworn revenge.

A Game of Chess - Robert Barr

(Preceded by an Introduction by Sam Moskowitz on the story's history). The schemer and blackmailer had killed a young man in a duel, unaware that the old Count was the uncle of the young victim. Accepting the challenge of a game of chess on a large electrified board, the villain soon discovered he was out of his league.

The Man From Nowhere - Edward D. Hoch

The investigator is on his way to see a man without a past, a man now behaving and speaking like a prophet and occasionally subject to devilish attacks. It parallels the life of Kaspar Hauser to which the investigator refers.

The Darkness on Fifth Avenue - Murray Leinster

As the police Lieutenant patrols New York's Central Park that evening, he encounters a woman who has a hunch that something unusual will occur. Though the moon shone brightly that evening, the light was suddenly cut off. This was followed by gunplay and a long and perilous investigation. It was the first of a series of sudden darkenings throughout the city.


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