Volume 1 Number 1     Volume 1 Number 1

The Tottenham Werewolf - August Derleth

The 'private enquiry agent' and his doctor friend, reminiscent of Holmes ad Watson, received a request to investigate a self-styled werewolf and the apparently unjust accusations against him of multiple murders.

The Secret of Lost Valley - Robert E. Howard

The hunted man shot one of his pursuers, whose body his companions then tucked away safely into a cave, to keep from scavengers. When the pursuers left, the hunted man, unseen, sought safety in that same temporary tomb, only to discover that it held hidden chambers and passages Soon he learned the eerie legends of the land were no mere legends, but he was left with no choice but to penetrate the caves deeper still.

Medium for Justice - Victor Rousseau

They were researchers, intent upon unmasking psychic fakes. His partner was the Swiss man, known as an 'apparat' medium, able to physically transport objects from a distance. This time the deed was one of murder and the challenge to recover the corpse of the victim.

Si Urag of the Tail - Oscar Cook

Too many villagers had mysteriously vanished, one then two then more, and now there was no word from his Sergeant and his men who were investigating. A man with a tail was found to be involved, and he worked for a golden-purple orchid which he worshiped.

The Temptation of Harringay - H.G. Wells

The artist had an inspiration to paint the portrait exactly as he liked of the model, the organ grinder, but he was distracted by the demon in his painting that caused it to talk back to him.

The Tenants Broussac - Seabury Quinn

The renters were the mystery, for they often vanished from the Broussac chateau, only to be found torn apart or crushed. The visiting Doctor agreed to investigate since the new tenants were fellow-countrymen. The doctor found nothing strange until he turned up signs of a huge serpent in the garden.


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