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The Inn of Terror - Gaston Leroux

The Swiss mountain inn of Blood had a reputation for its former murderous owners. So now the tourists came by rented coach, each set of pairs choosing rooms, to stay the night, including in the room of the murdered travelers. The new owners had attempted to recreate the scenes of earlier carnage, and had done so quite convincingly.

The Other - Robert A. W. Lowndes

It might be a good idea to pay heed to premonitions, especially if they are horribly mangled, burnt or water-logged versions of yourself.

The Door of Doom - Hugh B. Cave

He was warned to avoid the mansion in the moors, but he arrived to be met by the curious, and oftentimes fiendish, Asian servant, as well as his assembled friends, eventually to encounter incidents with phantom inhabitants who guarded the secret of the Iron Door.

A Matter of Breeding - Ralph E. Hayes

The hunter stumbled into a cabin, and after giving up his gun to a strange and menacing old man, he wished he hadn't for soon he found that the old man, who often heard voices, had a deformed daughter, and he, the guest was the prize for the evening. But there were rules and when Sarah arrived, the hunter was at least given a fair headstart.

Esmerelda - Rama Wells

The club liked spiders and beer; it was only when one of them experimented with voodoo dolls and Esmerelda, the spider, that events proved ludicrous, chaotic, and disastrous.

The Trial For Murder - Charles Collins & Charles Dickens

The jury, of twelve, often seemed to be thirteen. To the Foreman, a dead man often beckoned, and was much in attendance during the trial and up to the final verdict.

The Blood-Flower - Seabury Quinn

It had started with a late night dog howling, and she, the patient in bed, responded in kind, greatly upsetting those around her. This was a job for a Doctor, experienced in such matters, and equally experienced in French interjections ('Parbleu'), for this was a case of lycanthropy.


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