Volume 1 Number 1     Volume 1 Number 1

The House of Horror - Seabury Quinn

It was a dark and stormy night (no, really), and they were lost, but found a 'house of circumstance,' a mansion, just as well, for they were doctors with an extensive knowledge of French interjections (Parbleu), and their host had a sick child to be looked at.

The Men In Black - John Brunner

At first they appeared to be annoying admirers, like the pansies of earlier times, until he taught them a lesson, but these new ones were odd, blank-faced and dressed in black, and not unlike the Men in Black of modern day, for they were truly out of this world and with harmful intent.

The Strange Case of Pascal - Roger Eugene Ulmer

His partner was an evil criminal who defrauded him, caused him to go to jail, but Pascal got out and went seeking vengeance. That night he slept and dreamed of a giant murderous spider, which he was able to handle with his dream knife, only to find upon waking, dreams are not always as insignificant as they seem.

The Witch Is Dead - Edward D. Hoch

It seemed appropriate that Mother Fortune should burn to death, as she appeared to be a modern-day witch, this gypsy fortune teller, who terrorized young girls in the school. But she was blameless, not the true villain, and became a victim, herself, of an evil schemer.

Doctor Satan - Paul Ernst

When the President of the Importing Company fell ill, it was because of a tree growing out of his head, then others became afflicted by headaches that turned into sprouting bushes, a result of ignoring extortion demands from Doctor Satan. The Doctor's magic came from an Egyptian papyrus and his knowledge of unusual plants around the world. It seemed that no one could oppose him, until a man named Keane appeared, but the first round went to the Doctor, and we await future rounds, with eager anticipation.

The Secret of the City - Terry Carr and Ted White

The bronze metal strip ran through the city, mostly aboveground, but often disappearing to travel underground. One man decided to follow it to its conclusion, asking questions on the way, but there were no useful answers from anyone. Ultimately, he trailed it to its secret beginnings, only to cause chaos from his curiosity.

The Street (verse) - Robert W. Lowndes

A poem by the editor about a nameless street that can never be found during the day.

The Scourge of B'Moth - Bertram Russell

The Doctor sent an urgent telephone call to his friend about a mental case, a man obsessed, who believed he was soon to join his Master, a sinister and unknown force. Another dark and stormy night seemed to be appropriate to take a drive and investigate the patient. Soon an ancient manuscript came to light which held a clue to the power of a Behemoth, a force whose followers expected soon to blot out the whole civilized world.


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