Volume 1 Number 1     Volume 1 Number 1

Village of the Dead - Edward D. Hoch

The investigators came from everywhere to find out why the entire population of a little town had 'self-precipitated' (jumped over a cliff to their deaths).

House of the Hatchet - Robert Bloch

The house was alleged to be evil, and its history certainly was convincing, except for the fact that it was all a lie waiting for a new truth to fill its needs.

The Off-Season - Gerald W. Page

The visitors were abnormal, and one certainly sensed that a crime was going to be committed before the two weeks rental had expired.

The Tell-Tale Heart - Edgar Allan Poe

The confession of a madman who didn't like the old man's eye, which reminded him of a vulture, with one pale blue eye. Having killed him, his guilt took over.

The Lurking Fear - H.P. Lovecraft

It inhabited the deserted mansion, a half-glimpsed fiend, which was followed by a massacred village whose corpses were horribly mangled.

The Awful Injustice - S.B.H. Hurst

A man is haunted by the belief that he has committed an injustice -- he just can't remember who, what, when, where or why.

Ferguson's Capsules - August Derleth

The doctor had a good record -- he was no quack. But he was reluctant to prescribe his reducing pills, since they were still in the experimental stage, and they tended to make the patient smaller in more than just girth.

The Mansion of Unholy Magic - Seabury Quinn

There was something queer about the Putnam House, something they didn't like, without actually knowing what it was. Soon they were to participate in a rite with coffins and bright blue flames. The fleet human-like thing that chased their car through the woods before vanishing abruptly should have given them sufficient foreboding as to what they had gotten themselves in for.


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