Volume 6 Number 6     Volume 6 Number 6

Dread Exile - Paul Ernst

The very tall and skinny stranger tells a tale of his faithful dog, Flix, and a red-eyed stranger who, exiled from Mars, has projected himself into the body of an Earthman.

The Testament of Athammaus - Clark Ashton Smith

A barbarian in an age of swords is captured, condemned, and executed, but the next day he has resurrected and been seen in the process of committing appalling acts such as the devouring alive of a bean-seller. Despite many efforts to dispatch him, you cannot keep a bad man down.

The Vespers Service - William R. Bauer

The church and graveyard of the unique religion were strange indeed. The visitors witnessed visions of a sacrifice where a pentagram was carved onto the stomach of a naked virgin, destined to be penetrated all about by a tentacled horror.

The Artist of Tao - Arthur Styron

While sculpting the butter panel of the Jewel of the Lotus for the upcoming feast, the humble artist retained in his mind the image of a young and beautiful forest girl that he had glimpsed.

The Key to Cornwall - David H. Keller, M.D.

The Overlord of Cornwall is growing old, and now his son Eric who has married Breda, is to become a father, and will receive the Key to Cornwall that marks the power of authority in the land. But an evil masquerades close to them. Before long, the Overlord and his daughter-in-law have died, and there are creatures in the shapes of toads to be avenged.

The Executioner - Rachel Cosgrove Payes

The Executioner arrives to announce his intentions to Professor Martin at the Institute, all part of a mission to save the world from overpopulation.

The Settlement of Dryden Vs. Shard - W.O. Inglis

The apparition seeks legal representation, having been cheated out of his nightly pint of flaming alcohol, payment in return for selective hauntings.

The Grisly Horror - Robert E. Howard

From the Pine Woods comes tales of black shapes stalking the midnight glades. The traveler, McGrath, must now contend with something that groans. It was at the Manor house where symbols and visions now resided.


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