Volume 6 Number 5     Volume 6 Number 5

The Altar of Melek Taos - G.G. Pendarves

There was magic in the air when the topic turned to the Angel Peacock that sprang from the dust of Babylon. It was then an accursed mark appeared on Evadne's hand, a sign that she was to be sacrificed to the demon god.

The Chenoo - Stephen Goldin

The murderous demon of the forest required exorcise from the little Nova Scotian village. Over thirty feet tall, with leathery white skin and glaring red eyes, it was armed with a dragon's horn, and virtually unconquerable.

Old City of Jade - Thomas H. Knight

In the Ecuadorian jungle valley, where no oxygen was found, the aviators survived the ordeal thanks to their oxygen tanks, only to arrive in a village of ancients, asleep for centuries.

A Rendezvous in Averoigne - Clark Ashton Smith

The land was infested by goblins, devils and vampires, but neither the man nor his sweetheart were afraid. It would be wise to avoid phantom dramas lest they be decoyed by malefic sorcery.

The Mystery in Acatlan - Rachael Marshall & Maverick Terrell

A beaten canine and a frightened servant, arrive to sadden and serve in a Mexican State known for strangeness.

In the Lair of the Space Monsters - Frank Belknap Long

"It was not the sky, however, that threatened his sanity, but the aberrant, hostile shapes which, surrounding the cavity in which he lay, menaced him with their waving tentacles and clawlike hands."


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