Volume 6 Number 4     Volume 6 Number 4

The Headless Miller of Kobold's Keep - Irvin Ashkenazy

On a trip among the mountains, in the village of Merlin, the antique dealer encountered a red-haired cyclops Indian, who confirmed his destination to the ominous town of Kobold's Keep. There he found the antiques he sought, and some who lost their heads over the visit.

Bride of the Wind - Stephen Goldin

How the shopkeeper battled the Dragon of the Wind on behalf of a troubled Dreamer, and how the Wind itself can be vanquished.

A Song of Defeat (verse) - Robert E. Howard

For the optimistic and upbeat individuals, avoid "they that are born to songs of defeat," unless they enjoy a downward journey.

The Emergency Call - Marion Brandon

When her husband has an accident by misadventure, his wife seeks the help of Dr. Barton. Despite the old country medical practitioner's current state, he performs a miracle in due course, which only becomes apparent with the arrival of a new dawn.

Feminine Magic - David H. Keller, M.D.

A restless Cecil the Overlord departs on his important mission to acquire a son, freed from the ceaseless "chitter-chatter nonsense of his wife." He intends to generate a son by magic, rather than the aid of a woman, and upon his return, he has found success. He takes much pride in his magical prowess, completely oblivious of his wife's own skills and feminine magic in the task.

The Whistling Corpse - G.G. Pendarves

On the ship the S.S. Dragon, they finally open Cabin 14, shut now for almost a year, but soon after a murdered man's apparition is sighted. The creature has the unpleasant habit of subjecting those it encounters to a shrill whistle.


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