Volume 6 Number 3     Volume 6 Number 3

Camera Obscura - Ted H. Straus

Murder by devious means allows a man to record his final moments so that we can learn the truth about early photographic processes.

The Bride Well - David H. Keller, M.D.

About the manner of choosing a wife for a King, when the single nobleman looks into the bride well, seeing the face of his intended in the water. But beware, a tricky sprite once climbed down in advance, was seen, and claimed her marriage rights, thus putting a half-woman half-serpent on the throne. Our Lord from Cornwall was careful to avoid such disasters, though much the same occurred, but she was delightful though equally sneaky as many a bride can be.

Ligeia - Edgar Allen Poe

He loved, she died, and when he found another, she also passed away, only to serve as an unexpected receptacle.

The Nameless Offspring - Clark Ashton Smith

How the Manitoban apiarist wound up in the fog enshrouded lodge of Tremoth Hall, and hearing the tale of Lady Agatha, saved by chance from a premature burial, must then experience his host's untimely demise, and thereafter must keep watch over the corpse, as promised, while something unknown misbehaves in the secret room, barred forever, never seen, but fed to keep it sated.

Back Before the Moon - S. Omar Barker

It was the Devil's fever that came to Valle Escondido and threatened the life of the little Erslinda.

The Road to Nowhere - Robert A.W. Lowndes

The road goes into a swamp, then after fifteen miles it stops, unfinished. Strangely, it used to lead to Haverhill, but that abruptly changed on the maps to Dolcax, where shadowed beings were sometimes seemed, but only for a brief period, after which there was nothing there.


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