Volume 6 Number 2     Volume 6 Number 2

The Hunters From Beyond - Clark Ashton Smith

When a sculptor must create from life, and his subject incorporates the normal and the horrific, a model for the former is easily achieved by hiring a beautiful innocent while the latter requires dangerous divination. Such things are not advisable for the amateur artist.

No Other Man - David H. Keller, M.D.

Saving a damsel from a hideous monster when the creature is mostly unseen, is knowing where the demon resides and keeping it confined along with its virgin host, who is well advised to keep her mouth shut.

Materialist - Janet Fox

Taking it all with you after your demise rather than leaving it in the hands of a less than spiritual spouse is not impossible for those with the proper attitude and means.

The Moon-Dial - Henry S. Whitehead

When the moon is full and inevitably attracts the attention of the son of the Maharajah, a moon-dial is needed to create those magic moments in a journey through time.

The Duel of the Sorcerers (part 2 of 2) - Paul Ernst

Only the skilled and professorial should be contracted to confront the lurking phantoms that leach the essence from their victims. In the final moments, a sharpened stake is, by tradition, irreplaceable and inevitable.


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