Volume 6 Number 1     Volume 6 Number 1

The Noseless Horror - Robert E. Howard

Egyptian mummies that are neither Egyptian nor very old can often reawaken and attack their benefactors. In such instances, it never hurts to have a noseless servant, however suspicious, waiting in the wings to save the day.

The Tailed Man of Cornwall - David H. Keller, M.D.

His true-love having spurned him, as she did not dare marry a man from Cornwall, thinking them all to have tails, he needed to prove otherwise, and so enlisted the aid of Cecil the Overlord, a wise man who knew as much about female psychology as he did of magic.

The Duel of the Sorcerers (part 1 of 2) - Paul Ernst

The girl lay in a coma, red punctures on her throat. Her only hope, the Professor, who sought to exterminate the squeaking, flying horror.

For Services Rendered - Stephen Goldin

One must be hired to accompany the spirit of the old island chief, as he lay dying, to protect him from the hunger demon, Miru, who was determined to devour his living soul, as she did all who died on that far-off Fijian Island of Kanagia.

The Roc Raid - George B. Tuttle

When some northern United States were attacked by giant flying creatures, capable of carrying off men, cattle, and even an elephant, some thought they had come from the Symmes Hole, an opening in the North Pole which leads to the interior of the Earth. Soon it was discovered that the creatures were more intelligent than first thought, and so the challenge to rid the world of them became next to impossible.


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