Volume 5 Number 6     Volume 5 Number 6

Satan's Servants - Robert Bloch

After being warned about riding through the ancient woods and brooding hills and the perils of riding alone, it is wise to pay attention to such counsel. Beware of horned entities and creatures who leave the prints of cloven hooves.

Cross of Fire - Lester del Rey

With the spirit gone and the body otherwise inhabited, the consciousness roams aimlessly, awaiting the moment when execution is a certainty.

The Battle of the Toads - David H. Keller, M.D.

Regard your host most keenly, for when he has dead white hands, with long hungry fingers which move in aimless fashion, an equally strange visage is not so unrealistic, but definitely a foreboding. Monk or no monk, someone is about to croak.

Harry Protagonist, Undersec for Overpop - Richard Wilson

The trials of dealing with overpopulation, when a variety of forceful options must be considered.

Slumber (verse) - Robert E. Howard

"Which is the waking, then, and which the sleep?"

Speak for Yourself, John Quincy - Theodore Roscoe

John Quincy Adams, former President of the United States, is shown the past-catcher, a machine that reveals true history in four dimensions. What is revealed in the days when Adams was a younger man, are more dramatic, exciting, and suspenseful than he was ever aware when the events occurred.


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