Volume 5 Number 5     Volume 5 Number 5

The Case of the Sinister Shape - Gordon MacCreagh

When a dead body is found in the hotel, the detective and the Doctor are hard-pressed to solve the mystery, until they learn that a spook is involved.

The Thirty and One - David H. Keller, M.D.

The Overlord of Walling has been confronted by danger in his land, for a castle blocks the path of his caravans. Occupied by a powerful Giant who has already killed many men, it sits beside a Valley of Daemons from which no one has ever come back alive. Their only hope is a pair of magic elixirs.

Portraits by Jacob Pitt - Steven Lott

The painter whose sun eventually declines, recovers his work when night has resumed.

The Red Sail - Charles Hilan Craig

When the blue-eyed blonde appears through time, the hero has a chance at last to save his reincarnated true love from a watery grave.

Guatemozin the Visitant - Arthur J. Burks

The coal black eyes of the Aztec stranger were seeking the Great Captain, Cortes, dead now four centuries. A madman or a lost ancient, thrust forward in time -- it was hard to distinguish. A visitant, he intends to demand a life for a life.


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