Volume 5 Number 4     Volume 5 Number 4

The Nameless Mummy - Arlton Eadie

Museum curators do not often get to open the sarcophagus of a notorious Roman soldier and statesman, accompanied by a lovely admirer who has succeeded in cheating time.

Raymond the Golden - David H. Keller, M.D.

The grandson of the Lord of the Hubelaires is given a map showing the location of his ancestors' great treasures -- neither gold nor silver -- but the Thor hammer, the magical sword, and the giant's spear. Ultimately, his sibling heirs avenge his death and recover his skull.

The Phantom Drug - A.W. Kapfer

The strange concoction from India has the power to transform the human mind into the encasement of an animal of random nature. Whatever you do, do not let the elephant lay down onto the tiger.

The Rope - Robert Greth

The artifact in the beggar's bag seems just a rope, but feels quite vibrant and can lead men to a singular fate.

A Revolt of the Gods - Ambrose Bierce

Of deodorizing dead dogs, selling cat's meat, and the revolt of the Old Maids, when only turmoil rules and an old sarcastic author critiques his country's workforce.

The Devil's Bride (part 3 of 3) - Seabury Quinn

There is a connection between the Yezidees legend and the disappearance of Alice Hume. Seek the Crimson Clue which will lead to the metamorphosed missing.

Not Only in Death they Die (verse) - Robert E. Howard

If you're not sure where a man's status lies,
Look for Death in the eyes.


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