Volume 5 Number 3     Volume 5 Number 3

Spawn of Inferno - Hugh B. Cave

What would happen if a gate were opened and the demons of the Death Dimension should discover a doorway to our puny Earth? Shadows may then emerge from an uncanny darkness wherein one must flee from the unspeakable horror.

The Sword and the Eagle - David H. Keller, M.D.

Life of Harold, Lord of Wolves, in Armorica, when a stranger arrives and speaks of the old oak tree who had once been Lord Balder, and of Edward and the sword he was given.

The Horror Out of Lovecraft - Donald A. Wolheim

Something lurks and stinks in the House in Arkham (long before it came from a deluded penman who played at literary creativity).

The Last Work of Pietro of Apono - Steffan B. Aletti

"The Inquisitors took hold ... and burned his flesh, broke his bones, and stretched him out of shape, and the old man died painfully, yet free in spirit."

At The End of Days - Robert Silverberg

Toward the conclusion of his artificially extended lifetime, the old man held little hope for his planet, but then a strange youthful visitor popped out of nowhere and left his host with a twinkle of expectation.

The Devil's Bride (part 2 of 3) - Seabury Quinn

Continuing with the vanished bride-to-be and her tanned skin artifact, a girdle known as the luck of the Humes.


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