Volume 5 Number 2     Volume 5 Number 2

The Devil's Bride (part 1 of 3) - Seabury Quinn

The gleaming girdle was a beautiful example of barbaric jewelry, a bridal ornament for every daughter of the House of Hume to wear to be married, a lucky token to aid each girl to retain her beauty and her husband's love.

The Oak Tree - David H. Keller, M.D.

Of the Lord of the Wolves and Dragon ships and the treachery of Loki, as the aged Balder seeks his final resting place in a permanent housing, the old oak tree, in the presence of the mighty Thor hammer.

The Milk Carts - Violet A. Methley

It is difficult to engineer modern constructions and golf playgrounds when ancient phantoms maintain their right of passage and have no regard for modern existence.

Cliffs that Laughed - R.A. Lafferty

The confused life of Willy Jones and his Island on which he cavorts with mechanical men (the golems) and seeks the affection of the woman with shoulders like cliffs that tremble when she laughs.

Flight - James W. Bennett & Soong Kwen-Ling

The path of the pilgrims did not yield a vision of his brothers, who had appeared as shadows on the wall, when the Messenger first arrived and before he was taken away. It was not his time.

The White Dog - Feodor Sologub

When the old woman appears as a crow and behaves as such, the naked beauty howls to the moonlit sky. She is mistaken for what cannot possibly be, but the tragic outcome is not the fault of the hunters.


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