Volume 5 Number 1     Volume 5 Number 1

There Shall Be No Darkness - James Blish

When there is a monster at a social gathering, the key is to isolate it and keep some silver handy. [It is probably not the woman dressed in a 'houseboat' (sic)].

The Phantom Ship - Captain Frederick Marrayat

When modern ship meets phantom vessel, trapped in time, a youthful father meets an aged son, and the curse is broken.

When Dead Gods Wake - Victor Rousseau

Never assume that deified images carved in stone cannot resume their potent form, devour those that stray to close, and scare the bejeesus out of believers and nonbelievers alike.

The Writings of Elwin Adams - Larry Eugene Meredith

The adventures of a bibliographer who, hunting the scariest tales of fantasy, is given a locket with a terrifying secret which leads to an encounter with the phantom of his dead wife and tales of terror composed amidst demons unleashed.

The Colossus of Ylourgne - Clark Ashton Smith

The necromancer, Nathaire, fearing his life, departs in 1281, with his devil-disciples, after which there comes a series of unnatural and inexplicable disappearances including the removal of the inhabitants of newly occupied graves.


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