Volume 4 Number 6     Volume 4 Number 6

Once in a Thousand Years - Frances Bragg Middleton

A young man who vanishes from a raft, abruptly returns 3 years later with a tale of a miraculous journey on an ocean current. Taken to an ancient isle in the middle of the Sargasso Sea, he is accompanied by a girl, Diana, to a gathering of the Children of The Sun and Atlantis, an event that repeats once every thousand years.

The Eye of Horus - Steffan D. Aletti

A tomb is found and breached. Ultimately the perpetrator is laid out amid a pile of feathers.

Four Prose-Poems - H.P. Lovecraft

Memory: Of those who resembled little apes in the trees.
What the Moon Brings: "Upon that sea the hateful moon shone."
Nyarlathotep: Where he went, rest vanished, the small hours rent with the screams of nightmares.
Ex Oblivione: The wonders beyond the irrepassable gate.

A Diagnosis of Death - Ambrose Bierce

The living are sometimes seen where they are not, their apparitions able to forewarn those who witness them of unexpected fate.

The Abyss (part 2) - David H. Keller, M.D.

The great New York experiment continues, in which the mystery drug XYZ turns the citizens of New York into something the rest of us do not find altogether unusual or noticeable.


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