Volume 4 Number 5     Volume 4 Number 5

The Abyss (part 1) - David H. Keller, M.D.

The grand experiment, the chemical XYZ, to be administered by deception to 8 million New Yorkers is to send them back in time (psychologically) for 20 centuries to face their raw subconscious minds, the effect to last for 30 days with no memory of their actions upon their return.

The Death Mask - Mrs. H.D. Everett

The horror of a dead body's face caused the visitor to lay his handkerchief over its cold features after which the material adhered in the form of a mask. Thereafter, phantom faces appeared in materials from embroidery to tablecloths, totally unnerving the observers.

One By One - Richard M. Hodgens

The life and time of Theophiluses, who, worshipped by the masses, will sometimes forgive their worshippers for their obtuseness before the dark engulfs them all.

The Thirteenth Floor - Douglas M. Dold

The lady had a visitor, the spirit of a dead uncle, who directed her to a meeting with dark phantoms of the 13th floor of Hotel Belton, those who had committed suicide and were apt to repeat their actions, thereby indirectly saving the lady from a tragic and terrible decision.

Leapers - Robert A.W. Lowndes

The dangers of reading "The Song of Yste" has a relationship to the phenomenon of one early 20th century July, when people began to lift off from the earth quite unintentionally. But the full moon was equally involved in the mystery, causing people, including children to leap in its direction.


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