Volume 4 Number 4     Volume 4 Number 4

Worms of the Earth - Robert E. Howard

Romans and Picts battle head-to-head, while others seek the Black Stone.

Come - Anna Hunger

The siren in the night beckons Adam to enter the fog whereupon he enters the land of the lost.

They Called Him Ghost - Laurence J. Cahill

Many have entered Goeste Hall, some breaking in as a recurring event every 30 years. All attempted to reach the attic, the main attraction to dangerous strangers in their quest to identify a reincarnated entity.

The Phantom Rickshaw - Rudyard Kipling

When horse and riders pass through men and rickshaw, it is time to be wary of all that travels the streets after dusk.

The Castle in the Window - Steffan B. Aletti

From an antique diary came the story of a magic window; once discovered in an ancient and abandoned structure, an accident led to breaching a door to the medieval past, only a written scrap confirming that the event had ever occurred at all.

A Psychical Invasion (part 2) - Algernon Blackwood

Battling an evil presence from ages past is best accomplished with the aid of four-footed allies.


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