Volume 4 Number 3     Volume 4 Number 3

Kings of the Night - Robert E. Howard

When conquering the invading Romans, always start with a live beating heart plucked from the chest of your enemy captive, for providing you with portents of the future of the battle to come. Then bring forth a King of Atlantis to inspire and lead your allies to victory.

The Cunning of Private Rogoff - David A. English

An evil warlock will give you the instructions he wants you to fulfill by letting you despise him and making you believe these instructions are a formula for his defeat.

The Brain-Eaters - Frank Belknap Long

Living at the bottom of the sea in another dimension, they surface and surround a boat of lost travelers to suck and absorb the contents of their craniums through eyes and nostrils.

A Psychological Invasion (part 1) - Algernon Blackwood

The Doctor of psychic afflictions who assists those who cannot pay, is a precursor to the alternative practitioner who targets the mysterious ailments of man. Here we have a clairvoyant and kindly healer who selects his special cases of no mere hysterics. His case at hand is a man who works like a fury but produces nothing, impelled by an unknown fear.

Nasturtia - Col. S.P. Meek

Hunting through your dreams for your betrothed, the Princess Nasturtia.

Dark Star - G.G. Pendarves (Gladys Gordon Trenery)

It is said that Red Alistair, with flowing red beard, haunts the tower in the castle Gorm in the Glenhallion estates. It is time for Earl ascendants not to go poking about in scary towers that are guarded by such legends.


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