Volume 4 Number 2     Volume 4 Number 2

The Siren of the Snakes - Arlton Eadie

When hunting down a giant man-eating serpent, possessed by the spirit of a witch, choose a native guide of some grit, and avoid the kisses and embraces of suspicious females.

The Rack - G.G. Ketcham

Bad habits are hard to relinquish even after your Inquisition employment has ended and all available customers are long since dead and buried.

A Cry From Beyond - Victor Rousseau

The problems of posthumous communication includes myriads of voices seeking attention. One has to distinguish the truly needy from the ectoplasmic entities and playful elementals.

Only Gone Before - Emil Petaja

The man who willed himself to live forever certainly made a solid go of it, but in the end, declining organs and shrinking facade meant that expiration dates cannot be avoided.

The Voice - Nell Kay

When a mysterious voice intrudes upon the telephone, it leads to a journey of discovery, which at long last yields the remnants of headless skeletons and handfuls of teeth slyly sold to experimenting dentists.

The Monsters - Murray Leinster

The days of prohibition preceded a rash of giant insects that seemed intent on attacking the populace of New York in more than an imaginary dimension.


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